cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner

Along with all other crib safety and SIDS guidelines, we should always put baby on her back to sleep: Since parents have been advised to keep baby on the back at the end o f the 's, SIDS rates have decreased a lot!

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  • And it still the standard recommended way to sleep. But, it is not a good idea to try and keep her on the back with a baby sleep positioner. You probably have seen these rolls or baby wedges in different shapes and sizes. Our mothers and grandmothers used them or a rolled-up towel to keep us sleeping You can still buy them or even find them included with an in-bed mini cosleeper.

    cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner

    By the way these cosleepers themselves are definitely OK to use, but just don't use the wedges, they are detachable. Still you do want to find a way to keep your baby safely on her back. What if baby rolls over onto her tummy while asleep?

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  • First of all, when baby is put to sleep on her back in an empty crib as recommended and then rolls over, the risk of suffocating is lower than with a baby sleep positioner in the crib. Exactly because there is no extra material to get stuck in.

    And so when my first child was born I used a sleep positioner to keep him on his back, one of those foam wedges that prevents your baby from rolling over onto his belly. Purchased this item since my daughter has acid reflux and can not sleep laying flat. The mattress remains flat and firm without any item in the sleep area to pose risk to baby.

    So putting down on the back in an empty crib is crucial. Then to help avoid rolling over onto her tummy, you can use a sleeping bag.

    It should be no thinner than 8cm. The angle is 13 degrees and like Hiccapop the wedge measures wider than most at

    A well-adapted, right-size baby sleeping bag also called wearable blanket is the best sleep aid to keep baby on her back, safely. That is because it makes rolling over just a little bit more difficult. So until she is really strong and mobile enough to roll over when in a sleep sack, it really helps to keep her on the back. Once she's stronger, the risk also decreases see right below. Following the SIDS prevention guidelines , you will be near your baby supervise closely or sleep in the same room to monitor carefully.

    That is especially in those crucial first months, either with baby in her own crib or cosleeping safely. This way you automatically monitor your baby and can roll her over when necessary.

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    But once she is so agile and strong to roll back and forth easily, and you are confident that she will also be able to do it while asleep, the risk from being on her tummy decreases significantly.

    Use the baby monitor review to find the right monitor.

    cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner



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