baby bed for bed Baby bed for bed

How can I get my baby to sleep? What can my toddler learn from toys?

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Any ideas to help preschoolers get ready for kindergarten? We have answers to your parenting questions, with lots of resources and helpful articles from our panel of child development specialists.

Since most parents will bed share with their babies at some point, with or without the advice, making those times as safe as possible has to be our priority. The safest place for your baby to sleep is in her own bassinet or crib placed close to your bed.

I have always heard you should not let a baby go to bed with a bottle. I know juice and milk or formula can cause tooth decay, but what about water?

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  • My 8-month-old cries when I put her to bed, but I've found that 4 oz. I check on her frequently when she has a bottle.

    Instead, they recommend room-sharing, meaning parents should sleep in the same room as their infants but not on the same surface. Most babies have the capacity to make it 8 hours or more without a feeding when they are about 4 months and at least 16 pounds. This may occur as early as 6:

    Am I causing or risking something by doing this? Nicole Bronson, KS A: Nicole, thanks for your question about putting your baby to sleep with a bottle.

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  • The other main reason not to put your baby to bed with a bottle is that it can cause ear infections. Another concern about giving your baby a bottle of water for bed is that she could choke on the water.

    baby bed for bed Baby bed for bed

    Try giving your baby a dummy instead of the bottle at bedtime. Also, take another look at your evening schedule.

    baby bed for bed Baby bed for bed

    A regular, calming routine every night can help your baby wind down and fall asleep more peacefully. After dinner, play quietly and avoid too much excitement and stimulation.

    You might turn down the lights, give her a warm bath, read to her, sing to her, rock her in your arms, and give her the dummy. Pediatrician Our parenting advice is given as suggestions only. We recommend you also consult your healthcare provider, and urge you to contact them immediately if your question is urgent or about a medical condition.



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