steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs

What if our canine companions want their own version of luxury sleeping arrangements? Well, fret no more! These beds are less common than their cushioned counterparts, but they can provide double the benefits.

What the quick and easy answer? What is an elevated dog bed? Elevated dog beds are generally the human equivalent of a cot. The idea behind the product is pretty simple — to provide comfort and support for your dog while keeping them off the ground.

What are the benefit of an elevated dog bed? Elevated dog beds are perfect for getting your pooch off the hard floor.

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  • While the floor might seem like a swell sleeping place for your dog, it has damaging disadvantages. Sleeping on the floor can cause unwanted pain in pressure points on hips, hocks, and elbows. Each time your dog gets up and down from the floor, these pressure points come in contact with the hard surface.

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  • In some dogs, this can lead to calluses or even sores, especially over the elbows. This sleeping arrangement is especially hard on dogs with arthritis and joint problems because these pressure points typically coincide with the already sore areas. Pressure on these joints can lead to further inflammation and even more pain for your friend.

    They're easily moved, easily cleaned, and easily stored away when not in use. It is also water-resistant so that it won't get damaged by even a splash of water.

    Elevated pet beds eliminate these pressure points leading to a more comfortable sleep. By raising your pet off the floor, you are preventing them from being in contact with a potentially cold surface. During the warmer months, the elevated design allows for air to circulate beneath your dog, which has a cooling effect.

    Easy on the Knees As dogs get older, it often gets more difficult for them to lay down or get up from their bed. Elevated dog beds allow dogs to simply step into or off of the bed. Getting onto and off of a raised surface is a much easier movement for senior canines, as its easier on their joints. Sleeping on the Go Elevated dog beds are lightweight and easy to assemble, making them perfect dog beds for traveling. Simply break them down and pack them away for transportation. Perfect for Dogs That Love the Outdoors Raised dog beds are a great way to keep your dog elevated off of the cold ground, mud, or wet grass.

    Whether you plan on placing the bed in your backyard or packing it away for camping , elevated dog beds are a wonderful option for the outdoors since they prevent your pup from getting into close contact with the dirty ground or at least stop your hound from rolling around in the dirt while sleeping. Easiest Beds to Clean Worried the bed will get dirty? These elevated canvas beds are much easier and quicker to clean than foam or stuffed beds, which require at least one run through the washing machine to get truly clean.

    There are options that can fit every budget! How to pick the best elevated dog bed? When shopping for an elevated dog bed you will want to have this checklist in mind: To make sure your dog is as comfortable as can be, you want the size of the bed to be appropriate. Your dog should be able to curl up without any limbs hanging over the frame. Also, be sure that the bed is not too high or too low — your dog should be able to easily step onto or off of the bed without issue.

    I would recommend going with a bed that has a higher maximum weight, just to be safe. Most elevated dog beds come with a strong mesh fabric.

    Opt for a fabric with a tight weave to prevent snagging of nails and collar tags. The mesh should be strung tightly across the frame to provide adequate support and prevent sagging. Choosing a bed made from high-quality materials is key to providing optimum comfort and to guarantee the bed will last for years to come.

    These beds need to be able to take some abuse.

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    This means the bed should hold up against teething puppies and the consistent use by an adult or senior dog. Strong metal materials and a thick canvas should be able to withstand a beating by even a rough and tough dog!

    Ideally, these beds should be easily cleaned. The frame and canvas need to be made of materials that can be cleaned with water and detergents without causing damage to the integrity of the bed. Look for weatherproof options, especially if you plan on bringing the bed outdoors. These beds should be lightweight and easy to assemble, especially if you plan on using them both indoor and outdoors, moving throughout the day or between seasons.

    These raised dog beds are ideal for people who travel, go camping, or go to shows with their dogs.

    steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs

    Some frames will have a hold at each of the four corners. This poses a possible safety issue as dogs can get their feet snagged in these holes. Look for a bed that has a uniform fabric around the perimeter of the frame.



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