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Norquist, Westminster Drive, Jamestown, N. Filed June 2, , Ser. Folding chairs made in accordance with this invention are composed of relatively few and simply formed wood parts comprising a front leg assembly composed of four wood parts, a rear leg assembly composed of three wood parts and a seat assembly formed of three parts. These three assemblies can be separately manufactured and then connected together in a simple manner by metal strap hinges, metal linking struts and metal pivot devices.

Folding and erecting movements of the assembled Wood chair is affected through the agency of these metal parts which are not visible when the chair is erected, and not subjected to wear or loosening after extended use.

As a result, the warm and inviting attractiveness of wood legs, wood backrest panel and wood cross bars are fully attained in a folding wood chair which is rigid, sturdy and lasting in use. The improved folding chair of this invention embraces a unique front leg and backrest structure which is so formed and proportioned that the backrest panel and front legs provide a pocket for the upper portion of the upfolded seat assembly which protects the upholstery covering of the seat assembly when the chairs are collapsed and stacked.

Additionally, the backrest panel is rigidly attached to enlarged head sections at the upper ends of the front legs in a manner to support the outbowed backrest section at an inclination to most comfortably support the back of the seated occupant. Great sturdiness and strength is attained by the structural shape and construction of the front and rear leg assemblies, and by the means employed for pivotally con necting the enlarged head sections of the rear legs to the front legs, with only a single wood cross bar joining the front legs and a single wood cross bar joining the rear legs.

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These wood cross bars are positioned directly under the seat assembly to reinforce the leg assemblies, and in addition, to provide the support for the seat assembly. No secondary cross bars or reinforcing for the front leg and rear leg assemblies are required, with the result that the seated occupant can freely move his lower limbs and conveniently deposit his wearing apparel beneath the chair seat. As a further feature, the metal strap hinges and metal linking struts which foldably connect the seat assembly to the leg reinforcing and seat supporting bars, are so formed and constructed to be substantially invisible from View when the chair is in an erected seating position, and which permits upfolding of the seat assembly as the chair is collapsed.

These foldable wood chairs also feature front legs which present straight front sides designed to flatly rest on the floor or pallet when the chair is collapsed. The next adjacent folded chair can be reversely positioned to be flatly supported on the collapsed chair therebelow with the front legs of the superimposed chair partially telescoping over the rear legs of the collapsed chair therebelow. As a result of this inter-nesting relationship, a large number of collapsed chairs may be stacked in a rigid column in vertical alignment without danger of the stack tipping over.

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  • These chairs are also so designed that the front leg-connecting cross bar of the superimposed chair will rest flatly on the rear legs of the collapsed chair therebelow, with the bottom ends of the front legs of the superimposed chair seating against the back face and side edges of the backrest panel of the collapsed chair therebelow. Each superimposed collapsed chair is thus firmly supported at four spaced points on the collapsed chair therebelow, which further insures a rigid column of stacked and internesting chairs.

    In erecting the chair, the upper portion of the upfolded cushion assembly and the backrest panel may be conveniently grasped and spread apart, thereby automatically erecting the chair into seating position.

    The erected chair may be readily collapsed to folded position by grasping the front portion of the seat assembly and the backrest panel and upfolding the seat assembly. Folding chairs formed of finished hardwood in accordance with this invention can be manufactured by mass production procedures at economical cost, to provide highly attractive folding wood chairs of high quality and sturdy serviceability at economical prices for use in auditoriums, entertainment halls, school gymnasiums, conference rooms and homes.

    Other objects and advantages of this invention will become apparent as the disclosure proceeds. Although the characteristic features of this invention will be particularly pointed out in the claims, the invention itself, and the manner in which it may be carried out, may be better understood by referring to the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, in which FIG.

    The straight rear face 2" of the leg merges into a rearwardly flared throat face portion '4' which intersects the lower end of the'inclined rear face A concave or outwardly bowing backrest panel 5 is securedalong the side edges thereof asby furniture glue and wood screws to the inclined-rearface portions 4 of the leg head sections 3. When the backrest panel 5 is-secured to 'the' in clined rear face portions 4 ofthe head sections 3', the backrest panel 5 is correspondingly inclined at an angle of approximately fifteen degrees with respect to the straight front faces 2 of the front legs 2, for purposes hereafter explained.

    The backrest panel 5 may be provided with a hand hole cut-out 6 to facilitate convenient lifting and hand transportation of the chair. The front legs 2 are also connected and braced by a single wood cross bar7 which extends horizontally between the legs, with the ends of the cross bar 7 rigidly secured to the legs 2 as by Wood dowels and furniture glue.

    The cross bar 7 may present abeveled upper edge 7"as shown in FIG. It'will 'thus be noted that the paired front legs 2 "are joined to each other by the backrest panel 5 and the seatsup'por'ting cross bar 7 only, provi d a front leg assembly of great strength and sturdine'ss, without the use" of any further cross bar reinforcing to connect the legs 'below the seat, which would interfere with free 'movement of the lowerhmbs of the chair QEPPQ L i I "The'rear leg assembly 10 comprises a pair of wood rear legs 11, each rear leg having a" substantially straight rear face 11' throughout its length, and 'a straight front face 1 1 in tapered relation to thestraight rear face 11 soasto provide a'chair leg of least Width at the floor supporting end: Each rearleg 11 is provided with enlarged head section 12 having a semi-rounded termi'-' rial end 12' which merges into the straight rear face 11'.

    Eachenlarged'head section 12 also has a forwardly inclinedfront edge portion 13 -as shown in'FIG. Each leg 11 is substantially the same thickness throughout the length thereof, except 'that' the inside face 12" of its head sectionis tapered to reduce it s'thickness as shown FIG.

    T l e he on 2, f the r a l s P vide' a s ufl iciently strong constructionto withstand the s tfains" imposedby he applic'ation of hingepivots which pivotally connect the leg head sections 12 to the adjacent front" legs 2 in manner to provide'an extremely sturdy and rigid chair "when set upfor" occupancy. As shown more particularly in FIGS. Kpivot bolt 16 has a cylindrical neck section 16a which is snugly journaled in the tubular ferrule 15 and presents an'exposed manipulating head It is important that the threaded shank section 16b be rigidly secured to the adjacent front leg, and such rigid securement is obtained by insetting an expansible socket nut 17 in a conforming pocket bored into the adjacent side face of the front leg 2 as shown in FIGS.

    A reduced diameter expansible section 17b projects from the larger diameter head section 17a and is provided with a conical threaded bore 17c in axial alignment with the threaded bore in the head sec tion 17a. The reduced diameter expansion section 17b is provided with a plurality of radially extending slits 17d as shown in FIG.

    The outer surface of the reduced diameter expansion section 17b may also be knurled or roughened to firmly grip the wall of the conforming bore formed in the wood front leg 2.

    Thus when the threaded shank section 16b of the pivot bolt 16 has been fully turned into the expansion section 17b of the socket nut 17, the segmental parts of the expansion section 17b thereof will be flared outwardly to wedge against and grip the cylindrical bore wall in the front leg, to thereby rigidly anchor both the expansion nut 17 and the pivot bolt 16 to the front leg 2.

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  • To further strengthen and reinforce the head sections 12 of the rear legs, a wood dowel 14 may be horizontally driven into each leg head section'12 through the front face portion 13 thereof, with the dowel positioned along the underside of the tubular ferrule The en larged head sections 12 as thus formed and reinforced, will capably withstand the rigors of use and abuse, insuring'a wood'chair structure of lasting quality'and usefulness.

    The rear leg assembly 10 is extremely strong and rigid in construction when the-paired legs arc joined by'a single seat supporting wood cross bar 19, and when the head sections '12'thereof are formed and pivotally connected to the paired front legs '2 in the manner above described. No further cross bar to con meet and reinforce the rear legs below the seatassembly is required.

    As thus constructed, the floorspace be neath the set-up chair is conveniently accessible for sweeping and cleaning, and packages or wearing apparel can be c'onveniently placed underneath the set-upchair. The seat assembly 20 is constructed to provide a sturdy and comfortable seat which can be completely assembled before it is connected to the front leg assembly I and rear leg assembly This seat assembly may be advantageously made from a plywood panel which providesthe frame structure for the seat, and having anedge con tour as generally indicated in FIG.

    A foam'rubber" pad 22 is" adhesively bonded to the upper face of the: The "perimetrical edges of the upholstery covering. The seat assembly 29 as thus constructed has a rear width-designed to fit between the rear-legs 11 of the rear leg assembly 10 as shown in FIG.

    The side edges 24 of the cushion assembly taper outwardly so that the front portion of the seat assembly is substantially wider than the rear portion thereof, and yet permits the front portion of the seat to fold between the collapsed front legs 2, and the head sections 12 of the rear legs Maximum width for the front portion of the seat assembly is attained by beveling the inside faces 12" of the rear leg head sections 12 as shown in FIG.

    The seat assembly 20 as above described is supported when in seating position by the rear cross bar 19 and the front cross bar 7 and is also hingedly connected to these cross bars as shown in FIGS.

    The rear portion of the seat assembly 26 is hingedly connected to the rear cross bar 19 by suitable hinging means such as a pair of strap hinges as shown in FIGS.

    Each strap hinge 25 has a flat hinge leaf 25a which is secured as by screws to the adjacent underface of the seat panel An angular hinge leaf is hinged by a pintle to the fiat hinge leaf 25a, the angular hinge leaf having a main section which is preferably secured to the upper edge 19 of the rear wood cross bar The angular hinge leaf also has a leg section extending at an angle to the main leaf section and which overlies the inside face of the wood cross bar 19 and is secured thereto as by wood screws.

    As thus constructed, the seat assembly 2t hinges on the rear cross bar '19 and can be readily swung upwardly between the front legs 2 and rear legs 11 to collapse the chair. The underface of the seat panel 21 is connected to the wood front cross bar 7 by a pair of rigid metal linking struts 26 as shown in FIGS. One end of each linking strut 26 is connected to a link bracket 27 secured to the underface of the seat panel 21, each link bracket 27 having a hinge knuckle 27 extending perpendicular to the seat panel 21 and pivotally connected to the adja cent end of the link strut A similar link bracket 28 is secured to the inside face of the front cross bar 7 as by screws or the like, the link bracket 28 also having a hinge knuckle 23 projecting perpendicularly from the inside face of the front cross bar 7 and to which the adjacent end of the link strut 26 is pivotally connected.

    It will be noted by referring to FIGS. It will be further noted by referring to FIG. The collapsed chair as shown in FIG. As thus positioned, the cushion assembly 20 of each stacked chair is substantially pocketed between its collapsed front and rear legs, with the upper portion protected by the outbowed backrest panel 5 as shown in FIG. The hinge knuckles 27 and 28, the hinge brackets 27 and 28 and linking struts 26 of each collapsed and stacked chair are so positioned that these metal parts do not contact the rear cross bar 19 or otherwise mar the wood finish.

    The superimposed stacked chair as shown in FIGS. The front legs 2 of the superimposed chair are designed to partially telescope over the collapsed rear legs 11 of the underlying chair so that the stacked chairs are internested and interlocked, preventing lateral shifting of the chair stack.

    The front cross bar 7 of the superimposed chair will also rest on the adjacent rear faces 11 of the rear legs 11 of the chair therebelow, and the floor supported ends of the front legs 11 of the superimposed chair will rest on the side edge portions of the backrest panel 5 of the chair therebelow as shown in FIGS.

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  • Thus the superimposed chair is sup- 1 ported on the underlying chair at four spaced points, thereby providing a back support of the most comfortable contour for the seated occupant. This desirable inclination of.

    The rear legs are also sufiiciently inclined when the chair is in erected position so that when the lower extremities thereof are placed in contact with the room baseboard, the backrest panel 5 will not contact the room wall. The folding chairs above described can be nestably interlocked together when in collapsed position and stacked together in minimum space and in a study vertical which insures sturdy stacking.

    The head end of the superimposed chair as thus stacked will over-hang the foot end of the chair therebelow for a distance of three or four inches only. Thus the stack of superimposed chairs has an over-all length which is approximately only three or four inches greater thanv the overall collapsed length of the individual chair. The width of the stack approximates the width of an indi: Thus a minimum of floor or pallet space is required for vertical stacking of these chairs.

    By reason of the internesting and mutual supporting characteristics of these folding chairs, the stacked chairs assume a horizontal position throughout the height of the stack. These chairs can therefore be stacked to ceiling heights without danger that the stack will topple over. The improved folding chairs of this invention are rugged in construction, extremely comfortable to the seated occupant, and can be fabricated at relatively low cost from any selected type of furniture hardwood.

    The front leg assembly 1 is composed of only four wood parts com. The rear leg assembly 10 is composed of only three wood parts comprising a pair of rear legs 11 and cross bar 19 which can also be economical-1y shaped on power-driven wood-working machines.

    The seat assembly 29 can also be economically manufactured from a plywood panel approximately to inch in thickness, cut and shaped on a power-driven wood-work ing machine, and to which the foam rubber cushioning pad 22 and upholstery covering 23 may be easily applied.

    jamestown cot bed bolts Jamestown cot bed bolts

    Before the final assembly, the strap hinges 25 and the link brackets 27 with link struts 26 hinged thereto, can first be attached to the underface of the seat panel Wood dowels 14 may be insert into the head sections 12 of the rear legs 11, and the head sections transversely bored and the tubular ferrules 15 inserted.

    The front legs 2 may be double bored and the socket nuts 17 as above described inserted therein. In the final assembly, the leg sections 25c of the strap hinges 25 are secured as by screws to the inside face of the rear cross bar 19, and the link brackets 28 connected to the link struts 26 are secured as by screws to the front cross bar 7Q The'hinge bolts 16 can then be inserted through the tubular ferrules and turned into the conical threaded bores 17c of the socket nuts 17 to expand the expansion sections 17!

    The front leg assembly 1 and the rear leg assembly 16 can be painted or lacquered and given a furniture finish before they are joined to provide the finished chair. Folding chairs constructed in accordance with this in vention are pleasing in appearance, sturdy and lasting in use, comfortable to seat occupants, can be economically manufactured by mass production methods at relatively low cost, and are designed to permit rigid vertical stacking thereof in minimum floor space.

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    These folding wood chairs are particularly adapted for use in auditoriums, enterainment halls, conference rooms'and gymnasiums, where the seat occupants can conveniently deposit their wearing apparel in an unobstructed manner beneath the chair seats. From the above disclosure, it will be evident to those skilled in the art that various changes and modifications can be made to the folding chairs as illustrated and described, without departing from the teachings of this invention, and the invention is therefore not to be construed as limited to the particular structure shown, but embraces the full range of equivalents comprehended by the claims.

    What is claimed is:

    jamestown cot bed bolts Jamestown cot bed bolts



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