double cot bed dimensions Double cot bed dimensions

Standard Mattress Sizes According to Bed Manufacturers Standard Mattress Sizes According to Bed Manufacturers March 11th, There are a number of factors affecting your bed choice, such at what type of mattress support you require and whether you need the base to incorporate storage.

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However, choosing the right size of bed is also essential in order to get the best night's sleep. There are a number of different sizes available, but what does each size mean?

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  • Here's a handy guide to the standard sizes sold by bed manufacturers. Single Beds There are two sizes of single bed that are typically available from bed manufacturers. The smallest is known as a small single, which has dimensions of 75cm by cm. These are the same length as a normal single but just slightly narrower, making them the ideal option if the bedroom space is restricted.

    They are also a popular choice for children who have outgrown a cot bed and are moving to their first adult-sized bed.

    Slightly larger is a standard single, which is cm long but a bit wider at 90cm. Sometimes these are available with special zips so that two can be fitted together to make a double.

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  • Double Beds The smallest is called a small double - known sometimes as a queen-sized bed. This has dimensions of cm by cm.

    double cot bed dimensions Double cot bed dimensions

    In the USA and Europe queen size usually refers usually to a fairly large bed, but in the UK it denotes one smaller than a standard double. Double beds have measurements of cm by cm. Slightly larger is the king size, which is longer and wider with dimensions of cm by cm. Superking is usually cm by cm. Some bed manufacturers also make even larger beds such as the emperor size.

    What Size Do You Need? As a general rule, you should opt for the biggest bed you can fit in your bedroom without overcrowding.

    If you share a bed with somebody, then this should stop you from being too disturbed by them moving around at night. If you have the space all to yourself, then you will have plenty of room to spread out.

    double cot bed dimensions Double cot bed dimensions

    In terms of length, the bed should be around ten to fifteen centimetres longer than the tallest person using it to accommodate the pillows and make sure that their feet are fully supported at the end. Standard bed sizes vary between different countries, so make sure the one you choose is big enough for you to be comfortable.

    However, those who want the extra space will perhaps branch out for the king size. There are several other mattress and bed sizes that may not be so popular, but that suit many people due to their specific dimensions. Your bed is large enough for your needs, allowing you and any partner to move round freely without disturbing each other.

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