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  • And so to Bed 10 December For many parents making the decision to move their child from a cot to a bed can sometimes be tricky, especially when the child already seems safe and secure in their familiar cot. Ideally you should try to keep your toddler in a cot for as long as possible but generally by the age of 3 is a good time.

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  • No matter how old your child is, as soon as the cot bars are removed they will no doubt take great delight in their new found freedom, giving them endless opportunities to explore the once out of bounds areas. If your child does decide to do this, which is quite normal, guide him gently by the hand avoid cuddling and picking up straight back to bed with minimal fuss.

    cot bed rail nz Cot bed rail nz

    The least attention you give him the quicker you will move this stage forward, however be prepared for at least 20 trips on the first night.

    During the first few nights staying calm and being consistent is the key to moving this forward and within a few days your child will quickly learn that their bedroom is the place to stay. Regardless of how your child reacts, it is always advisable to take a few precautions. Try involving your child in the process by allowing him to choose some new bedding or a new soft toy to take to bed. Always place the bed in the same place as the old cot to prevent confusion and avoid leaving the old cot up as this encourages your child to switch between the two.

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    You should move your child to a bed when: Your child is physically too big for the cot or can climb out. You are expecting another baby Your child is potty trained and dry at night.

    cot bed rail nz Cot bed rail nz

    Your child is physically too big or can climb out: If however your child learns to climb out of their cot or you are worried that your child may succeed in escaping or fall over the sides of the cot, then it will be time to think about moving him. Whatever your reasons, always focus on their safety first and where possible use a bed rail on their new bed to prevent them falling out at night.

    The use of restraint is controversial; some papers on bedrails have automatically categorised bedrails as restraint, describing their use as unethical and thereby making any discussion of their effectiveness immaterial. Abstraction of data and outcomes and quality scoring Trials were grouped by design type [40—42] and assessed independently for quality criteria by three reviewers using a well established quality criteria tool designed for appraising evidence from disparate study designs [43, 44 ].

    If your child continually appears at the gate then gently lead him back to bed at frequent intervals offering little attention or fuss until he gets the message. You are expecting another baby: For a lot of parents the switch to a bed becomes a necessity as the arrival of a new baby becomes imminent.

    Each day care cot is built for heavy-duty and child-friendly use to create a safe space for children. Even the best sleeper in the world can quickly develop the habit of waking in the night and slipping out of bed to visit you.

    Young toddlers are particularly sensitive at this age and are yet to develop the independence and skills to cope with this change. Your child is potty trained and dry at night: If your child has developed independence and can go alone then it may be worth avoiding a bed rail and using folded blankets on the floor in case of falls and a dim night light to guide the way.



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