newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot
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  • Family activities After giving birth — newborn baby care Midwife Maria Sahlin explains the huge transition newborn babies experience at birth and what happens during the first 48 hours after giving birth. And then I support new parents as they discover all about newborn baby care. Here she describes what usually happens in the first 48 hours after giving birth: In the womb, your baby is constantly and effortlessly provided with all the nourishment they need.

    The moment they are born, this certainty and security disappear in an instant. And this transition is huge. This is why they can be restless and find it difficult to settle down. First contact after giving birth After giving birth, your baby will usually be quite alert for about two hours.

    This is the time for their first contact with you as parents. The very best thing for a newborn baby is to get skin-to-skin contact — especially with Mummy in this phase. Many factors are at play here.

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    A baby maintains their body temperature best when they get skin-to-skin contact. There are also many positive effects on Mummy when the baby begins to nudge and push against her breasts.

    Newborn babies need plenty of skin-to-skin contact with Mummy or Daddy.

    Use water or fragrance-free and alcohol-free baby wipes. I quite like it when she won't go to sleep on nights that he is here to help. Antihistamine cream This can reduce swelling and soothe insect bites and stings Thermometer Digital thermometers.

    This hormone makes a new mother responsive to bonding with her baby, and stimulates breast milk production and uterine contractions. After a few hours, your newborn baby usually falls asleep and will sleep quite deeply.

    newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot

    This is because the two of you have just experienced one of the greatest moments in your lives and are caught up in the magic of discovering your little miracle. You new parents are suddenly not tired anymore. If your baby is within the normal size range and has ingested a little colostrum after the birth, they can sleep for many hours; some babies may sleep for up to 24 hours, which is completely normal.

    If a baby is in a separate room it can be difficult to know when it wakes or needs attention. If your baby's nappy is dirty, use the nappy to clean off most of the poo from your baby's bottom.

    Different circadian rhythm in the womb When your baby embarks on their second day of life, they often change their tune! Virtually all babies are restless when they wake up from their first sleep. Your baby wants to nurse frequently, they often pass a stool for the first time and generally find it difficult to settle.

    newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot

    So much of everything that happens when a baby is born is cleverly designed by nature. But the fact that newborn babies have a different circadian rhythm to their parents is less ingenious. Try to rest and sleep when your baby sleeps. Furthermore, this period of alertness with a lot of loud crying often occurs around 10 p.

    Babies tend to stick with the pattern they had in the womb: No-one is really sure why. Carry your newborn baby close By this stage, most new parents are usually feeling completely exhausted.

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  • This is only to be expected. The birth process and adjusting to a life outside the womb is a huge transition for a newborn baby, both physically and mentally. Try to rest and sleep when the baby sleeps too.

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  • This will give you the energy and strength to get through the early days with your baby. Write to us magazine babybjorn.



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