baby cot for twins Baby cot for twins

They sleep in separate cribs and separate rooms. I never did co-sleeping.

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For the first month I had a live in nanny who helped with the overnight feedings. We tried it for a couple nights and no one got any sleep, so we moved them out.

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  • It worked well for us. When they were tiny they slept in one pack n play in our living room.

    Hospitals with transitional units are more likely to be able to keep you and your babies in the same place. Your health visitor can tell you where to find your nearest baby clinic. Shopping for a newborn is expensive doubly so for twins!

    Bed sharing is a controversial subject but we felt comfortable with it because our twins each wear an Owlet monitor. It is basically a tiny pulse-ox monitor I very highly recommend it and they give a twin discount. On bad nights or bad naps they occasionally slept in rock n plays. When they started getting up only once a night we moved them to a single crib downstairs in their nursery.

    They still shared the pack n play for naps upstairs until we hit a rough patch at 3 months adjusted. Unfortunately we are still in that rough patch 2 months later: So for naps we are using rock n plays. We still use cribs at night.

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  • When my son needed to stop being swaddled around 4 months adjusted we put them in separate cribs in the same room. That's been working fine. I don't recommend separate rooms.

    The footage shows the two boys standing in their cot while their mother says goodbye. Most watched News videos.

    That seems like a lot of running back and forth! Not sure what the advice over there is, here they say the babies should be in your room for the first six months and I would feel more comfortable if they are but realise that might be difficult.

    baby cot for twins Baby cot for twins

    My husband works from home so we have a bit more flexibility than most - I'm guessing I will do the middle of the night feeds so he can sleep more and he can deal with them early morning before work so I can have a bit of rest then. Hoping to BF but not sure if I'll be able to exclusively feed both given how much I'm being drained just by the pregnancy, not sure I'll be able to sustain two babies so even with feeding and pumping I expect I'll need to supplement, so my husband can feed them expressed milk or formula.

    Could someone tell me what kind of thing rock n plays and pack n plays are so I can look at equivalents over here?

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  • I'm guessing maybe swings or bouncers, and maybe a play pen type thing?



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