baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target
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  • WA, Australia Total posts: They say babies can move out of a cot anytime between 18months and 3 years depending. To me that is a massive age difference! I dont think i could justify paying that much. It guess it all depends on how long they would be using a toddler bed for?

    baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

    We were given a thing to stop him falling out of bed. He sleeps alot better in his bed.

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  • Posted Friday 22 April We went for the single bed as my DD likes me to lay and cuddle with her until she falls asleep. This way not only does it last her longer but I am also able to fit comfortably and she has been so happy with her bed and has slept better since being in it.

    The other fad was for sheepskin fleeces. Some situations are excluded e. Little Village is like a foodbank but for clothes, toys and kit for babies and kids up to the age of 5.

    She moved into a single bed around 25 mths old. Good luck smile Posted Friday 22 April He went in a single bed when we moved house, and the toddler bed we passed on to DS2, who went in it at 18 months. A few things about it have been really great - one thing was that you just use their cot mattress, so they get to keep the mattress they're used to and you don't have to buy a new one.

    Also, it is not big and scary for a little kid. It's not too high off the ground.

    baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

    DS2 is 2 and a half now, and he's still in the toddler bed. He's big for his age and probably could go in a single bed now, size-wise, but we're hesitant because he has a sleep disorder that causes him to move a lot, all night; he does fall out of the toddler bed on occasion, but the rails stop him most of the time and even if he does fall, he's close enough to the ground not to get hurt.

    So yes I do recommend a toddler bed!

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    They can stay in it for a fair while, so you're not having to replace it too quickly. He could get 2 years' use out of it.

    It worked for me. With all the Baby Girl Bedding Target's collection watched many different criteria, it is possible to exhibit pillow livingroom that is not just beautiful, but also relaxed to-use.



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