baby cot bed ebay Baby cot bed ebay
Leander has the Junior extension included in the price. It had to be functional, sleek and contemporary to fit into the Scandinavian home.

BSo which products does this include? We've asked the experts UK retailers including Tesco, Mothercare, John Lewis and eBay have announced they're removing baby sleep positioners from sale following evidence of a link to the deaths of 12 babies in the USA over the past 13 years.

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This is an important question, because we know that baby nests and pods, including Sleepyhead Grand and Deluxe pictured above , are very popular baby sleep products, used by thousands of parents and babies. The official advice is that no, baby nests and pods are not sleep positioners unless they have straps or wedges to hold a baby in place. This means the majority of nests and pods are not classified as sleep positioners.

baby cot bed ebay Baby cot bed ebay

But The Lullaby Trust warns that pods and nests don't meet safer sleeping guidelines The Lullaby Trust has confirmed that pods and nests do not meet the safe sleeping guidelines that it promotes.

Some also have soft mattresses, which can increase the risk of SIDS.

Mothercare, Tesco, John Lewis and eBay have currently removed the following from sale: It moves, grows and develops, just like your child. This simple but stylish design makes this baby dropside cotbed a desirable choice for any nursery.

The Lullaby Trust adds: We do not recommend pods, nests, hammocks, wedges and sleep positioners as evidence shows that the safest way for a baby to sleep is on a firm flat mattress, in a clear cot free of pillows, toys, bumpers and sleep positioners. Mothercare, Tesco, John Lewis and eBay have currently removed the following from sale: Pods and nests, such as Sleepyhead, have not been withdrawn from sale. It's important to add that sleep positioners have not been banned in the UK.

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  • Certain retailers have just decided to remove them from sale, while others continue to sell them. The BPA states that, to the manufacturers' knowledge, there have been no known deaths linked to UK sleep positioner products. Babymoov, the makers of Cosydream, issued a statement saying: Nor does the Cosydream resemble the products that first gave rise to the FDA guidelines seven years ago.

    The first thing is to understand that sleep positioners are different to baby nests and pods, and the FDA's warning is about sleep positioners. But like so much in parenting, the answers aren't black and white - partly because not enough research has been done. Therefore parents need to make choices, and assess and balance up the risks.

    This is the evidence that does exist Babymoov, which produces the Cosydream, has issued this statement: Sleep positioners are defined as wedges, head positioning pillows and devices that strap or hold your baby in a set sleeping position.

    baby cot bed ebay Baby cot bed ebay

    The BPA tells us, "These products have evolved over the past years and are soft, open fibre filled and made from air permeable materials such as 3D mesh and bamboo. The makers of Sleepyhead, however, do have clear safety rules around how the products should be used:

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