baby cot attached to bed Baby cot attached to bed
baby cot attached to bed Baby cot attached to bed

Moses basket next to the bed for the first however many months and then a cot in the nursery after that. A cot, but with only three sides, and the fourth side open against the adult bed, with the cot mattress at exactly the same height as the adult mattress. This three-sided cot was called, my friend informed me, a bedside cot or co-sleeper cot.

And my first thought was: Further research when I returned home introduced me to the whole co-sleeping debate, which seems to be a bit of a hot topic and one that is totally confusing.

wooden cot with mattress

Or living in places where a cot would be an unimaginable luxury? I have enough to contend with sharing it with a man.

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  • He listens to the radio in his sleep. Which was why a bedside crib seemed like such an enormously good idea to me.

    Which means having the right bed sorted for our newborns and then hoping against hope that they'll sleep in it! Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

    My Mum bought me my Snuzpod bedside crib above as a present, but she did take a bit of convincing on the whole semi-co-sleeping idea. So I suppose those are the benefits, for me, and I think that they are brilliant benefits: So I would absolutely recommend a bedside crib — I went for the Snuzpod because it could be adjusted to fit to a really wide range of adult bed heights, it looked beautiful, the side panel was easy to zip up or down and the construction was sturdy and well thought-out.

    What are your thoughts on sleeping arrangements?

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  • Do you like having some separation between yourself and the baby? Or are you a committed co-sleeper?

    baby cot attached to bed Baby cot attached to bed

    I would love to hear your thoughts. Though apparently the supplied mattress is VERY firm! I liked the style of the Babybay but it was more expensive than the others and the siderail to close up the open side needed to be purchased separately.

    Overlying is the sad occurrence of a parent rolling onto a baby in the night, causing accidental death. How long did you co sleep for?

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